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                      Happy RAKSHABANDHAN (on August 18th, 2016 )

            Raksha Bandhan,it is the festival of Indians. The name Raksha bandhan is also called as rakhi purnima.Or some of simply called it as rakhi. The same festival is celebrated in Nepal in the name Janai purnima. The festival is mainly for Hindu religion.In the festival the people show the love and affection between brother and sister.This festival is not only celebrated by Hindus,the religion of Jains also celebrate this festival.in this festival the Jains priests gives threads to devotees.

cute brother and sister happy rakshabandhan 2016 images


      Raksha bandhan festival is the one of the most important festival in India. In this festival a silk thread  is tie to brother by sister.The thread shows the symbol of love on brother by the sister.

        On rashka bandhan day sister ties 'rakhi' (silk thread) to brother's wrist.The Rakhi is the symbol of love or affection on their brothers.There is another reason behind tie up rakhi i.e,signifies that the sisters pray for long life and well-being of their brothers.In return brother gives money or gifts as token of their love. 

    The actual started by Rabindranath Tagore by tying a rakhi on countryman's wrist.He did that for promoting the brotherhood nature among the peoples of Indians. Every year the brothers and sisters feel very zeal and excitement towards this day. 

      In this year the festival is celebrated on 18th august.On that day all relatives get gathered and celebrate the festival. Rakhi is a sacred thread embellished with sister's love and affection for her brother. On the day of RakshaBandhan, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and express their love to them. After receiving the rakhi from a sister, a brother sincerely takes the responsibility of protecting her sister.

    The festival is known in different names in different states and also among different religions. This festival is celebrates in all over the India like northern and north-western parts of India.
       The main aim of celebrating this festival is to protect the sister with love and affection.By this festival a string bond us formed between sister and brother.And gives a strong relationship.This festival is not only between the blood relationship,this can also celebrate between colleague.This day sister gives a band called rakhi to her brother as symbol for their bond.


There's no other love like the love for a brother.A brother is a friend given by Nature.

There's no other love like the love from a brother.There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ...Oh, how I hated that little boyAnd how I love him too.

Brothers till the end. 
It was nice growing up with someone like you
Someone to lean on
Someone to tell on!
Someone to count on...

Happy Rakshabandhan Shayari, Rakhi Shayari in Hindi, Rakshabandhan Shayari for Brother, Rakshabandhan Shayari for Sister, Rakshabandhan 2016 Shayari SMS Quotes

Rakshabandhan Shayari in Hindi for Brother and Sister : Rakshabandhan is a fun festival to celebrate especially for the sisters because they will be on the receiving end of Gifts and Money. For brothers, it is much of a symbol to show love to brother. All these things come in the main part of the celebration. But Wait!! We have to wish our siblings first right ? We can Happy Rakshabandhan Shayari for Brother, sister in Hindi and also Rakshabandhan Shayari SMS and Shayari Images early in the morning to wish our sibling. Here is a collection so you never have to go anywhere to find Hindi Shayari for Rakshabandhan.

Happy Rakshabandhan Shayari 2016 for Brother in Hindi language :

Best Rakshabandhan Shayari for Brother in Hindi images pics wallpapers

यहाँ मेरी राखी लेने सभी का आशीर्वाद के साथ आता है.
आप आकाश तक पहुंच सकता है.
हर रोज तुम्हारा सर्वशक्तिमान की कृपा से गौरवशाली हो सकता है ||

यह अच्छा है आप जैसे किसी ||
 किसी पर दुबला करने के लिए, कोई है..|
 पर बताने के लिए किसी पर भरोसा करने के लिए के |
साथ आगे बढ़ रही थी ||

कोई है जो मेरे तरीके चला गया
कौन जानता है मेरी हर जरूरत की
जब वह मुझे देख होगा बार रोना
उसका दिल लगभग खून होता

Happy Rakshabandhan Shayari Poems Images for Brother in Hindi

कोई है जो समझ जायेंगे
कौन जानता है मुझे लगता है जिस तरह
एक दोस्त है जो देखभाल और कृपया है
एक भाई भगवान चुनता है साझा करने के लिए

Mein Bahut Lucky hun ki mujhe tujh jaisa
Bhai mila he,
Jo mere zingadi ke har ek kadam pe mere saath dhe
Aur apni mushkilon ko uski samjhe
Happy Rakshabandhan!!

Importance of Brother, Importance of Sister, Importance of Rakhshabandhan :Indians celebrate a wide range of festivals especially Hindus, they give more importance to religions, Gods and commemorate different events, Rakhi(रक्षा बंदन) is one of them. Raksha Bandhan is not only celebrated by the Hindus it is celebrated by Muslims , Christians , Sikhs , Jains , Buddhists. Rakhi usually we cal it as Raksha bandhan.It  is an Hindus festival, its a bond of love between brothers and sisters . Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) is an ancient festival that that we are celebrating it from our forefathers generation.

Importance of Brother, Importance of Sister, Importance of Rakhshabandhan :

Brothers giving gifts to sister on Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a famous Hindu festival which is celebrated by people around the world. Raksha Bandhan is also called as Rakhi Purnima or simply we call it as Rakhi.Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit means"tie or knot of protection".The word Raksha means protection and Bandhan means verb to tie. On this day people wake up early and bath, mothers wills prepare sweets, prepare some pooja and Rakhi bands.

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      Rakhi festival shows affection towards brother and sister. Rakhi is celebrated on full moon day of the Shravan month according to Hindu Calendar.On Rakhi sister tie Rakhi on brother's wrist and take his blessings. Sister prays to God for brother's longlife and well-being in this way sister expresses her love towards brother.Brother promises sister to protect her throughout the life under any circumstances and give her presents in the form of gifts or money. Rakhi is not only for brother and sister who are biologically related but also for the people who has brother-sister like relationship between them.

sister tie rakhi band to brother

Rakhi is a simple thread which is tied on brother's wrist. Rakhi can be in different forms like a simple thread, colorful wool thread, bracelets, amulets, jewellery, a simple thread can be decorated with different colorful beads to make it attractive and beautiful. A colourful woven thread is the most common Rakhi used.Some women make their own Rakhi. We should't celebrate it for formality celebrate it with whole heartedly.

Importance of Brother, Importance of Sister, Importance of Rakhshabandhan:

Raksha Bandhan is an important day that we celebrate as a festivals of brothers and sisters, it shows the love between brothers and sisters. We follow the monsoons and the festivals vary and will be followed according to the seasons.

Celebrate this Rakhi with your Loved ones and Happy Rakshabandhan to your friends and family.
But know the Importance of Rakshabandhan, Meaning of Rakshabandhan and How to Celebrate Rakshabandhan?

What is the Meaning of Rakshbandhan?

Happy Rakhi Brother and Sister celebrations images

Raksha Bandhan a well known festival and it will be celebrated annually but varies in dates. This is actually celebrated on Full Moon Day(Pournima). Rakshabandhan as we know and we call it as Rakhi in shortcut. Rakhi is a well known festival that is celebrated in India and around the world. Raksha Bandhan has a synonyms as Rakhi, Rakhi Purnima. The Raksha Bandhan is a Sanskrit word Raksha means ' protection' and Bandhan means ' Knot or Tie', it combined says that ' tie or knot of protection'.

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How to Celebrate Rakshabandhan 2016 ?

Happy Rakhi Celebrations, How to celebrate Rakshabandhan 2016

Rakshabandhan is generally celebrated on Full Moon Day ( pournima ) that's why we call it as Rakhi Purnima.Rakshabandhan is the affection, love between the brothers and sisters.On this occasion the young sisters will tie the band and she will take the blessings.They wish each others to God to our good will.The band is the Oath to the sister that we give her protection and as in return of band we brothers presents with gifts or money. Not only to the blood relations others whom they treat them as brothers and sisters they also respects the value of Rakhi and they also exchange the bands.

What is the Importance of Rakhi ?

         Especially on this day the people wake up early to bath and mothers prepare a variety of sweets like Gulab jamun, semiya etc.  as a part of celebration.

Rakshabandhan wrist band for Brother celebrations

         They are different form of bands they use to tie like colorful threads, bracelets, the threads are decorated by attaching with different symbols and color's on it , some of them will design and do the bands by their own. Most of the people use threads as a Rakshabandhan and used to tie to their brothers.

         Some of them tie jeweled bands its a tradition of gifts given as Rakhi, jeweled bands which is of silver and gold , embedded with normal and precious stones , with normal and curved designs.

Happy Rakshabandhan 2016 Recipes, Rakhsbandhan Sweet Recipes, Rakhi Lunch Recipes, Rakhi 2016 Dinner recipes, Sanjeev Kapoor Rakhi dishes and Happy Rakshabandhan 2016 Mithai recipes in Hindi to cook in Home.

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Firstly, Happy Rakshabandhan to all the brothers and sisters celebrating Rakhi in 2016. Rakshabandhan is a very special occasion not only to siblings, but also for the their parents as their will be celebrations in Home. Rakshabandhan connects so many old memories and brings back the siblings that are far enough. So, to a special occasion, we need special recipes to cook in Home. Though, the brothers and sisters would not cook, it is up to the parents, especially their mother to cook a lot of special sweet Recipes and see that the food menu in Home is awesome that day. We collected the Recipes of some Delicious sweet Recipes, Lunch Recipes and Dinner recipes to cook in Home with home available things. Serve your Hunger with these Special Recipes for Rakshabandhan 2016.

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What is the Meaning of Rakshabandhan ?

How to Celebrate Rakshabandhan ?

Happy Rakshabandhan Sweet Recipes to make in home:

There are a lot of Indian sweet recipes that are made for special occasions, Most of these sweets will be available in Indian Sweet shops, Mithai Bhandars but there are some dishes that should be prepared in Home for the quality and rarity. Here are the delicious sweet and Mithai recipes for Rakhi.

How to Make Badam Payasam ?

how to make badam payasam sweet recipe

  1. Almonds/Badam Nuts  - 25-30 pieces
  2. Milk - 1 litre
  3. Sugar - ¾ cup
  4. Cooking camphor/Karpur  - a pinch
  5. Saffron                              - a pinch
  6. Cardamom powder            - ¼ tsp
  7. Pista nuts                           - 2 pieces
  8. Cashew nuts                      - 4 pieces
  9. Other dry fruits                 -  As required

Peel the skin of Almonds and add them to a little amount of milk after grinding into a fine paste. Then boil the remaining milk and add the Badam paste into the boiling milk by stirring slowly. Add sugar along with camphor and saffron and finish with a garnish of Dry fruits.

How to Make Basundi Mithai ?

Basundi sweet mithai homemade recipe for rakhi

Steps :

Take 1 litre of Whole milk and heat it till it gets half in content. Continuously stir the milk by scraping the sides and make sure that the Milk doesn't get stuck to the pan. After a lot of boiling, add sugar and Saffron to requirement and stir again. After some time, the milk will take semi-liquid form. Serve it into a bowl and garnish with Cashew, Chopped almonds and other dry fruits.

How to Make Bengali sweet dish Rasgulla/Rasgolla ?

Rasgolla recipe, Rasgulla bengali sweet recipe homemade


1. Preparing Paneer for Rasgulla : Take 1 litre of milk and boil it on low heat. Add a few drops of Lemon and after some time, Milk forms into solid separating the Water. Remove water and take the milk solid, keep it together in a cloth and place a heavy weight on it for a whole night. This is will the first step in making Rasgulla. You can also buy Paneer from Grocery stores.

2. Preparing Rasgulla : Take the Paneer and make soft balls from it. Keep them aside and Take a bowl and add water and sugar with Cardamom powder and heat it till it becomes liquid. Add the Paneer balls into the liquid. Keep the whole setup in the Refrigerator and serve cold with dry fruits and saffron.

How to Make Coconut Jaggery Poli/ Thengai Poli (Sweet coconut mixture filled Flat bread) ?

thengali poli tamil recipe

Take a bowl and mix flour, oil, water and salt in little amounts. Make a soft dough, wrap it in a wet cloth and keep is aside. This is Poli. Take a pan and heat Jaggery with water until it becomes liquid. Then add coconut paste with cardamom and saffron and stir as it becomes into soft paste. Take this mixture and roll them into small balls. Now, make small balls with the dough and stuff these coconut balls inside them. Maintain the Thengai inside and press the Poli and heat on a medium heat on a frying pan. Ghee can be used to fry the poli.

How to Make Rasmalai Sweet ?

Happy Rakhi 2016 special dish Rasmalai

The recipe is same as Rasgulla, but instead of making Paneer balls, spat them into flat circular balls. To prepare the syrup, heat milk and add crushed saffron and cardamom powder. After a while, the milk turns into yellow syrup. Place the Malai balls in this syrup and serve cold.

So, these 5 recipes are widely made around India for the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

So, What's your favorite Rakhi dish. Put a comment below!!

सबसे पहले, सभी भाइयों और बहनों को राखी 2016 में मना करने के लिए हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन। रक्षा बंधन है एक बहुत ही विशेष अवसर के भाई बहन, करने के लिए न केवल लेकिन यह भी के लिए उनकी मर्जी के रूप में उनके माता-पिता घर में समारोह हो। रक्षा बंधन तो कई पुरानी यादें जोड़ता है और वापस लाता है भाई बहन जो अभी तक पर्याप्त हैं। तो, एक विशेष अवसर के लिए, हम घर में खाना बनाना करने के लिए विशेष व्यंजनों की जरूरत है। हालांकि, भाइयों और बहनों के खाना नहीं होता, यह माता पिता पर निर्भर, विशेष मिठाई व्यंजनों का एक बहुत खाना बनाना और देखना है कि उस दिन घर में भोजन मेनू भययोग्य है करने के लिए विशेष रूप से उनकी माँ है। हम कुछ स्वादिष्ट मिठाई व्यंजनों, दोपहर के भोजन के व्यंजनों और खाना बनाने की विधि घर उपलब्ध चीजों के साथ घर में पकाने के लिए व्यंजनों एकत्र किया। तुम्हारी भूख रक्षा बंधन 2016 के लिए इन विशेष व्यंजनों के साथ सेवा करते हैं।

हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन मीठे घर में बनाने के लिए व्यंजनों :

Best Rakshabandhan{Rakhi} Food Sweet Recipes 2016 in Hindi

भारतीय मिठाई व्यंजनों कि विशेष अवसरों के लिए बना रहे हैं की एक बहुत कुछ कर रहे हैं, इन मिठाई के अधिकांश भारतीय मिठाई की दुकानों, बहुसंकाय Bhandars में उपलब्ध हो जाएगा, लेकिन वहाँ हैं कुछ व्यंजन है कि घर में गुणवत्ता और दुर्लभता के लिए तैयार रहना चाहिए। यहाँ स्वादिष्ट मिठाई और राखी के लिए बहुसंकाय व्यंजनों हैं।

Badam Payasam kaisa banate he ? 

बादाम की त्वचा छील, और उन्हें किसी ठीक पेस्ट में पीसने के बाद दूध की एक छोटी राशि के लिए जोड़ें। फिर बचे हुए दूध को उबालें और धीरे-धीरे सरगर्मी से उबलते दूध में बादाम पेस्ट जोड़ें। कपूर और केसर के साथ साथ चीनी जोड़ें और सूखे मेवे का एक गार्निश के साथ खत्म।

Basundi Mithai Banane Ka Tareekha :

सारा दूध का 1 लीटर ले लो और इसे गर्मी तक यह सामग्री में आधा हो जाता है। लगातार पक्ष scraping दूध हलचल और दूध पैन करने के लिए अटक नहीं है कि यह सुनिश्चित। उबलते के बहुत, के बाद चीनी और केसर की आवश्यकता करने के लिए जोड़ें, और फिर से हलचल। कुछ समय के बाद, दूध अर्द्ध तरल रूप ले जाएगा। यह एक कटोरा में सेवा और काजू, Chopped बादाम और अन्य सूखे मेवे के साथ गार्निश।

Rasmalai Banane ka Tareekha :

नुस्खा Rasgulla के रूप में एक ही है, लेकिन इसके बजाय पनीर बॉल्स बनाने की, उन्हें फ्लैट परिपत्र गेंदों में विवाद। सिरप तैयार करने के लिए, गर्मी दूध और कुचल केसर और इलायची पाउडर जोड़ें। थोड़ी देर के बाद, दूध पीला सिरप में बदल जाता है। इस सिरप में मलाई गेंदों जगह है और ठंडा परोसें।

Happy Rakshabandhan 2016.

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